Sunday, February 26, 2012

Top 5 Selfish Reasons to Breastfeed

I am very committed to breastfeeding my son for a lot of different reasons. The American Pediatric Association can give you a million scientific and health related reasons to breastfeed which are of course the key reasons I choose to do so, but there are also plenty of selfish reasons to just for mamas! Here are my top 5 reasons breastfeeding is awesome for me:
5. I find it much easier. No bottles to clean (and I hate cleaning bottles!), no mixing, no actually getting out of bed to feed him at night, and no worries about packing a bottle or what if I didn't pack enough to last him, etc. Hell, I don't even have to be awake to feed him, half the time I just wake up enough to get him situated and fall back asleep. And I never have to worry about temperature, how long it will stay good, different brands, or recalls. It's always healthy and always ready to go. 
4. It gives moms extra protection from certain cancers; breast, ovarian and endometrial. Anything I can do to fight cancer is cool with me!
3. It helped me lose my baby weight faster then I would have otherwise. For the first 6 weeks after having him, I wasn't allowed to work out and could just to light walking but I could burn so many extra calories breastfeeding and the first 10 pounds practically fell off. In fact, I can say that breastfeeding (with a side of light exercise) got me below my pre-pregnancy weight!
2. I love the bonding it provides. I am not trying to say that people who formula feed don't bond with their babies because obviously there are so many great and valuable ways to bond with your baby, but Boston isn't a big cuddler so feeding time is my extra bit of bonding each day. Having him curled up in my arms to eat is so wonderful, and half the time he falls asleep right there while being cradled. Otherwise, I only get big baby hugs and snuggles when he's sick or tired and I need to get all the hugs I can before he gets older and too cool for mom!
1. It's one of the very few things I can provide for him that no one else can. Some people have asked why I don't pump more or why I don't use formula occasionally so I can get a break or leave for longer then a couple hours at a time. And the reason for that is that I love that he needs me. Selfish, I know, but my son is very outgoing and social and I joke that the only time he prefers me over others is when he's hungry. And I really kind of love those moments where I can say, "Oh, he wants his mama" :)
And I have to include one bonus reason, and one of my biggest motivators when I do find breastfeeding to be difficult or time consuming: IT'S FREE

*However you feed your baby is okay with me as long as they are fed, and I know a lot of people that want to breastfeed are unable to for a variety of reasons, so I hope this doesn't come off as anything against formula feeders because it is not my intention at all. Just wanted to share some of my favorite selfish perks of breastfeeding!

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