Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Children's Museum of NH

Yesterday the Children's Museum of NH had their monthly free evening, which is the first Friday of each month. We took Boston for the first time, and neither of us had ever been either. One thing to know about the museum is that you cannot bring a stroller through so if you're bringing a baby you will want to bring a carrier. They have a few you can borrow but since I had seen this information online, I brought our Infantino baby carrier. Boston seems to prefer that anyway because he gets to look at everything much easier. They have an area to park the strollers while you check out the museum.

It was pretty busy so we didn't spend much time at each exhibit but it has a lot of great hands on activities for kids. I'm looking forward to bringing Boston back when he's older to try out the dinosaur fossil dig area. Upstairs, there is a section strictly for kids 3 and under. We spent most of our time there but it was pretty busy too. On another day I think Boston would really enjoy it. They had a couple train tables, a small climbing area, hand puppets, books, and even a nursing nook! We let Boston roll around on the mats and look at himself in the mirrors which he really enjoyed. He also seemed to like the sensory tubes with dice and beads inside.

I thought it was worth the trip and I'm excited to bring him back another day!

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  1. That's awesome, a great thing to get out and do on a rainy day, or any day for that matter :0)



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