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I have a serious chocolate issue. And I'm okay with that but sometimes I know I go a little overboard. I get antsy and sad when we don't have chocolate in the house, or if I've gone more then a couple days without something. It's sad really. I've always loved chocolate but it reached a new level when we were living in England. Having access to the amazing products made by Milka, Kinder, Galaxy and Terry's at a cheap price changed everything for me. I literally had a bowl of chocolate bars by the bed and on our coffee table that I'd munch on all the time. I have really missed the chocolate I enjoyed so much in the UK, so much so that I emailed a local company today in search of some of my missed products. I'm hoping they carry everything on my list, but a few items would be enough for me! I thought today I'd share my favorite chocolate products from my time in the UK. And if you ever find yourself living in or vacationing in Europe, you should look for these!
Galaxy Orange & Shortcake
Galaxy Orange & Shortcake was fairly new when we were leaving. I find most Galaxy chocolate to be tasty, it's really rich and creamy and just excellent chocolate. This bar has a slight orange flavor and little chunks of shortcake cookie mixed in. I love a chocolate and orange combination, and the shortcake helped balance the richness of the chocolate.
Kinder Chocolate
Kinder Riegel is a milk chocolate bar with a milky center. Living in the UK actually wasn't the first time I had these, I was lucky enough to try them a long time ago when my aunt's mother sent them a package from Germany. These bars seem to be a bit more prominent and actually aren't too difficult to find in the US but still require a specialty store usually.
Kinder Surprise Egg
Kinder Surprise Eggs were my husband's absolute favorite. We'd have to get a ton of these, and even bought cases at Easter time. The chocolate is good but with the choices we had, I wouldn't rate it the best. It's just a thin chocolate egg with milk chocolate on the outside and white chocolate inside. Inside of the egg is a toy. I think this is why my husband loved them, because he's got the heart of an 8 year old. However, these toys make the eggs a choking hazard, which is why you'll be pressed to find them in the US. I've heard mixed reports about whether they are banned in the US or not.

Kinder toys
Here is an example of the types of toys you'd find inside the eggs. Most of them were just little plastic figurines but some were toys with several pieces you'd have to build, stickers to put on them, and other embellishments. I do wish they had them in the US because they make great Easter gifts!
Milka Strawberry Yoghurt
Milka Strawberry Yoghurt bars were one of the first German products we got to try when we moved because they were carried in our Commissary. I have seen a few other varieties of Milka products in Walmart, but not the strawberry yoghurt which is clearly the best one. It has a light milk chocolate coating, and inside is a creamy, sort of fluffy layer of strawberry yoghurt. I used to love to freeze these and then eat them. I'm patiently waiting for Walmart to catch on that these are much better then the regular, white chocolate, or hazelnut version.
Terry's Chocolate Orange Bar
And last but not least, my favorite, Terry's Chocolate Orange Bars. I know Terry's makes regular chocolate oranges and even in a few different flavors, but they aren't that easy to find unless it's Christmas. And the actual oranges are pretty expensive compared to these bars. I've seen the oranges for $3 a piece, while I could get a 5 pack of these bars at Sainsbury for 1 pound, which at the time was about $1.40 US. I'm not sure what the exchange rate is anymore. Plus, I find the bars to be more satisfying then the oranges. The chocolate seems richer and creamier, and it's in the shape of little orange slices and easily portioned. Lastly, I'm telling you the orange flavor in the bars is much more prominent then in the oranges you crack. I have not stopped craving these since we moved almost a year ago. I am desperately hoping they carry them at the British store I emailed today but I'm not getting my hopes up because there are US variations available and the legit orange ones you crack for Christmas. But maybe I'll get a positive answer.
I guess there is one plus to not having easy access to these treats anymore. I'm a good 5 lbs lighter then I was in the UK, and that's post baby so that's something! But to be honest I'd rather have the chocolate. Wish me luck that I get a great email saying they carry all of my favorites!

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  1. Good Afternoon,
    I am taking a website design class in college. My project is on European chocolates. I want to let you know that I am using your kinder-milk choc (8 bars) and kinder surpise egg images from your website for educational purposes. While using your images, I am also putting your website as reference to let my professor know where I got these images from. Thank you. Sohail Mehdi from the USA.



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