Monday, January 30, 2012

What I'm diggin this January 2012

My friend Rose at posted her "What I'm into this month" list, and I'm kind of a bandwagoner so here's my list:

On my nightstand
I'm almost embarassed to admit, but Twilight (the first one) is what I'm reading. If this was December I'd be even more embaressed to say I'm not reading anything but Cosmo. Hell, if we're being real, I haven't read a damn thing since the baby was born except What to Expect the First Year.

T.V Shows Worth Watching
Hell's Kitchen. I know there isn't a new season going on right now but the husband and I are backtracking and I can't get enough of it. Chef Ramsay is freakin nuts and I love it.
Modern Family is one of our favorite sitcoms to watch together.
Teen Mom 2 and Kourtney and Kim Take NY (by the way, was anyone else so disappointed in the finale? It's such a trainwreck and I can't stop watching)
Grey's Anatomy
How I Met Your Mother saved my sanity this month. After many hours of soothing a fussy baby or being pent up in the house because it's just too much work to get him out, I need a good laugh sometimes and this show is absolutely hilarious. I need to get caught up on the current season. I literally feel like something is missing from my life right now because I have no  more episodes to watch.

Movies I've Seen
The Crazies was so...crazy! And terrifying. Probably not for normal people but I can't stand horror movies and only did so because the husband really wanted to watch it but I've been regretting it these past couple days that I've been scared to go to sleep or look out the window. And the whole containment issue has me all mixed up, like I understand it's necessary but it's also so heartless and cruel and wrong. I just can't even think about the possibility.
Final Destination 5 was clearly another pick of the husband. Not scary, kind of funny really.
That's pretty much it. I don't really have time to sit and watch an entire movie without stopping a million times which I don't like to do.

In My Kitchen
Yogurt parfaits are my go-to breakfast. Yogurt, strawberries and granola usually. I've also brought back the waffle with peanut butter. Smoked salmon when I'm craving meat. And these delicious Weight Watchers chocolate dipped strawberry bars I discovered.

I'm kind of on a diet though it isn't a very strict one so I've been mostly eliminating all liquid calories and as much junk as possible and red meat. Not much cooking going on the past few days, I feel very uninspired at the moment.

In My Ears
Mostly just local radio. I've kind of gone back into an Eminem Recovery album phase, something about it makes me feel awesome and bad ass. Like the ultimate destroyer. It's my go-to gym music.

Other Things
POP Pilates is a favorite right now and I did a little yoga which I really enjoyed. Blogging obviously, I haven't in a very long time so I decided to start fresh with a whole new blog. Football!!! We're really stoked for the Superbowl, especially being New England fans. A new playgroup I have discovered in our local area, we go about once a week right now but will probably do more in the summer.

What I'm Looking Forward to Next Month
I am looking forward to continuing to eat healthier and get in shape. I've managed to get below my pre-pregnancy weight which is huge and exciting and now my next mini goal is to fit in my favorite jeans. Which isn't a far out desire, I am pretty close but there is work to be done. I'm also looking forward to more playdates and getting out with other moms. Valentines day of course because although I never need an excuse to eat chocolate, it's always nice to have a semi valid reason and with this diet going on I need the excuse.

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  1. I forgot about good ole Teen Mom 2, I'm totes watching that too.

    I like your list, thanks for playing. Fun!



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