Monday, January 30, 2012

Dino blanket and the Mondays

Ever find yourself sitting there cuddling your adorable sleeping baby thinking they are just the most precious thing life could have to offer, and then the second they stir, you get a sudden "Oh shit! Please don't!" moment? That has been my day. Little one is super angry with the world today and I am feeling his wrath. Writing this blog entry is the first time all day other then trips to the bathroom where I was more then a foot away from him. The majority of the day was spent in recliner prison trying to feed myself anything I can handle with one hand and afraid to move the other one even just to regain feeling in it, as to not wake the beast.

I also did get to push him around in Walmart and listen to him squeal in pure delight over the goofiest baby steering wheel toy and watch him cheer strangers up with his giant gummy smiles. So it was worth it as it always is. But today has been one of those really rough, feeling like I am in over my head and will never make the baby happy kind of days. I did get some bad ass dinosaur fabric though and managed to make him a no-sew fleece blanket while he was napping.

The bad ass dino blanket I made. It may look like baby is playing happily on it but he's not, he's yelling at me to stop the photo op and pick him up yet again. 
We also tried bubbles for the first time. Obviously he can't blow bubbles yet (well, spit bubbles maybe but not the cool kind you buy) so I did for him and he watched. He was unimpressed. I thought kids loved bubbles. I thought they went nuts over them, isn't that what they said on Knocked Up? I got the bubbles going for him fully expecting big belly laughs and smiles, and instead I got blank stares. This kid is hard to impress.

In other news, I am still giving it a shot but so far the No Cry Sleep Solution  is not working out so hot for us. In order for the method to work, I have to get the husband 100% on board which he is trying to be but he is also dead tired and stressed from lack of sleep, and I am having a hard time staying focused on the task at hand which is set a routine and stickstickstick to it for 10 days. The first night I was all for it. And then I spent that night getting up every 15 minutes to soothe my baby calmly without putting him in our bed and after about 4 hours of that I gave up because it was obviously not working. Day 2 was husband's night and although I gave him strict directions to not put the baby in the bed, and instead soothe him and keep him in his crib, I awoke to a baby in my bed. Guess it didn't work for him either. I am on day 3 and right now my son is sleeping peacefully in our bed next to his father in only a diaper and he didn't even get a bedtime story first. This goes against every aspect of our newly imposed routine but I don't even give a crap because at the moment, he is sleeping. I guess you have to be more dedicated to make the no cry sleep solution work...but I'm too tired to be dedicated. And in reality even though the baby isn't crying while I am calmly soothing him, he is still awake which means I'm awake, which means I'm crying... which means it isn't really the "no cry" sleep solution now is it?

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