Thursday, May 31, 2012

Murder Trail and Parking Meters

Today was a beautiful sunny day so Boston and I wanted to get of the house and enjoy the weather. I had heard about a walking trail through my play group and decided to try it out. It's a couple miles around a pond and I was picturing a paved, wide open area with a pond in the center. So we drove there, parked, got in the stroller and walked to the trail head. We walked maybe 50 feet onto the trail before I decided it just wasn't going to happen. It was very backwoods in the middle of nowhere and I didn't see the pond. We may live in the safest state in America but I'm still not going to fly solo with the baby down murder trail. So we went downtown instead.

I parked at the meter and as I'm getting my change out to pay, a parking police dude came up and asked if I had ever done this before. Why yes, sir, I've used a parking meter before... I politely told him I had but he still took my money and inserted the quarters for me, checking to be sure every coin was accepted and then even topped me off with an extra quarter. So either I was looking good today or I look like a dope, because surely I can handle paying my own meter. We strolled around and checked out some shops then headed to the grocery store.

I hate our grocery store. It's the cheapest place in town which is why we go there and things are normally good quality, but it's also extremely busy and full of interesting characters. I'm used to having people stop and comment on the baby, which is cool. I mean babies are super cute, and he's cuter then most (yeah I said it) so I expect it. But today we couldn't get anywhere. Between the mass amounts of old people and my child hamming it up for anyone who cared, it took forever to get our shopping done. And people kept touching, which freaks me out. They want to touch his cheeks and his hands and his feet. Baby skin is awesomely soft, but we don't touch random babies. One lady even was stroking his little hand and telling him, "I love you, yes I do. I love you!" over and over and I had to politely stroll away as fast as possible. It took everything I had not to start yelling, "Stranger danger! Stranger danger!" But he loves it, so I'll allow it for a short time longer. I know I'll be sad the day I take him to the store when he's just a regular old kid and no one stops us to say how precious he is.


  1. hahaha murder trail

  2. Yeah i totally laughed at the Murder Trails comment. I too would have felt the exact same way.



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