Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday Listicles

It's time for another Monday Listicles with Northwest Mommy! Today's topic is how I would spend $1,000.

Girl... if only. I could def use $1,000 right now. Here it goes:

  1. Running shoes. I was running this morning and my feet are killing me. And I realized I've had my shoes 2 years. 2 YEARS. They done expired at least a year and a half ago!
  2. Transmission flush. We got our oil changed a couple months ago and they said we needed a transmission flush. Well, that was a couple months ago so... 
  3. A dress. I'm going to my cousin's high school graduation tomorrow and I need a dress. I have to go shopping this afternoon for one actually. 
  4. Wine. The good stuff, not this klassy shit I've been drinking.
  5. A food processor. Super lame wifey want, but I've been dying to get a food processor for awhile now but I already have too many appliances. So I'm thinking about getting rid of my bread machine and getting a food processor instead. 
  6. Jeans. And can I get someone to pick them out for me too? I'd hit Express and buy a bunch of Stella cut jeans
  7. Cheesecake Factory. One whole lemoncello cream torte, please!
  8. A new laptop. Why not, right? 
  9. Gift card for Starbucks so I can go get a skinny vanilla chai whenever I want! Once I told my friend what I wanted so she could pick it up and she said my coffee order sounds like I'm ordering a man. Well, I do have a skinny vanilla so I guess she's right!
  10. ToysRUs and a special little someone would get a shopping spree!
Or I could be practical and spend it on bills... meh. 


  1. have got to get some new running shoes before you injure yourself. Trust me I have learned the hard way on that one. I try to buy new ones every 500 miles. (I'll stop lecture comment now.) And go charge a new dress. How fun. Go get something that makes you feel fabulous.

    1. I did today! I know it's so bad it took me forever, but if it helps I didn't actually run in them for 2 years. I was pregnant for 9 months of it but yeah, still way too long in between! New shoes, and new dress today :)

  2. hahaha klassy shit. Give me a call this week if you have any down time, we don't have anything important going on except our usual Wednesday morning PT.

    1. I will! I thought today we'd have free time but we did not. I'm just sitting down for the first time at 9 PM and actually I should be up doing more gaaah. Hopefully Thursday!

  3. New running shoes--a must. Dress--check! Good wine! AWESOME! Love your list:)

  4. I hope you treated yourself to a lovely dress and have a wonderful time at the graduation.



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