Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Listicles

Time for another Monday Listicles with Northwest Mommy! Today's topic is 10 things that make you go hmmm? A lot of things make me do that but unfortunately I'm not good at thinking of them at the moment so here's the best I can do.

  1. My biggest hmmm of this week is why do I weigh more after a week of eating well and lots of working out then I did when I did nothing? Talk about frustrating!
  2. Why is American Idol still on TV? Or America's Next Top Model? Last I checked, the most recent winners haven't done much of anything after they win. I can't even name the last 3 or 4 from each that won... because they quickly disappeared. 
  3. Why does Planet Fitness call show-offs "lunks"? And does their lunk alarm really work?
  4. How do you measure a lightyear and where do you go if you go in a black hole? I know there are scientific answers to this, but with as many times as my space geek husband has tried to explain it, I still don't get it. 
  5. Why did Justin Timberlake invest in Myspace a ways back and why hasn't he done anything to make it better? Sounds like a big waste of money to me.
  6. Why do people or animals stop growing at some point instead of just slowly growing forever? What is it that decides we're all grown up? 
  7. Why can my dog smell the other dog I pet today but can't smell the food right in front of her face?
  8. Why is Joan Rivers in charge at Fashion Police or for that matter, considered a fashion guru? Has anyone looked at her lately? 
  9. Why does my son insist of clinging to mommy all day every day when there are so many other awesome people that want to play with and cuddle him?
  10. Why doesn't Giselle just help poor Tommy with his hair instead of letting him go out lookin a fool and getting ridiculed? You're a freakin supermodel, surely you see how goofy he looks!


  1. Don't worry about the weight stagnation. It is common and if you keep working on it the weight will come off.

  2. Giselle needed a smackdown for that hair. Thank you! But please tell me you pushed that Lunk Alarm!?! Ellen

  3. I have never heard of a Lunk alarm! Probably casue I have not been inside the gym in a decade or so. OK, all the celebrity related ones I promote to WTFs! As for 6 and 7 if you ever find the answer call me STAT!!!

  4. *snort* ugh I'd be so embarrassed to see pictures of my husband looking that sad in public. On purpose.



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