Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Listicles

This week's Monday Listicles was inspired by the late Nora Ephron. Before she passed, she left a list of Things she will miss and things she won't. So we're doing the same this week!

Things I won't Miss
1. Doing dishes
2. The dentist. I fucking hate the dentist
3. Hot days and sweating
4. Bugs
5. Bad haircuts
6. Dieting
7. Dance Moms
8. Crappy drivers and traffic
9. Being broke and paying bills
10. Birds and standard size poodles

Things I will Miss
1. My son and husband
2. Family and friends
3. My dog
4. Amazing pastries, cakes, cookies, and all the other great sweets in life
5. Laughing, watching funny movies, hearing a good joke, reading a funny article.. just humor
6. Holidays
7. Wine and other lovely alcoholic beverages
8. Football games, especially the New England Patriots games
9. Vanilla chai lattes
10. Reality television (other then Dance Moms)

What will you miss? What can you do without? Check out some other bloggers Monday Listicles at Northwest Mommy's blog!


  1. There are so many great sweets in life-it's hard to pick just one isn't it?

  2. I like that your list includes both sweets & vanilla chai lattes. YUM!
    I've never gotten into Dance Moms either. Now, all that other reality tv, YES!

  3. vanilla chai latte and stand up comedy by Russell Peters. Life doesn't get much better then that.
    Poodles smell funny, don't they? Not dog like at all!

  4. I forgot about the dentist. Good too!



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